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TMD/TMJ Treatment Near You

When you think about your oral health, your first thought is likely about the function and health of your teeth. However, another crucial part of maintaining optimal oral health is the alignment and function of your jaw joints, also known as your temporomandibular joints. A misalignment of these joints is known as TMD/TMJ disorder, which causes pain and discomfort such as headaches and neck pain. At Morris Dental Group, we offer TMJ treatment in Lively to help you alleviate these painful symptoms.

What is TMJ Disorder?

Your TMJ connects your skull and lower jaw. It moves both up and down and side to side. It also connects to many of the nerves and muscles in your face. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is the name of the condition that occurs when your jaw is misaligned, causing chronic pain. Since TMJ can cause pain in numerous areas of the body, it can be challenging to diagnose. The best way to identify TMJ is to attend a dental office for a complete examination of your neck, jaw, and mouth.

tmd-tmj treatment in lively
tmd-tmj treatment near you

Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ can be very painful, and if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, you may want to look into TMJ treatment near you:

  • Jaw problems: Popping, clicking, or grinding sounds when chewing, as well as lockjaw or stiffness of the jaw
  • Head conditions: including migraine-type headaches and dizziness
  • Facial problems: swelling, pain, and muscle fatigue in your facial region
  • Ear problems: including difficulty hearing, pain, a feeling of fullness behind the ear, and tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Body aches: including pain in the neck, back, and shoulders

Since many of these symptoms can be present with other conditions, it is vital to find out if TMJ is the source of your discomfort to get the appropriate TMJ treatment in Lively.

How is TMJ Treated?

The goal of TMJ treatment is to realign your jaw and alleviate the pain in your muscles. When you come into our dental office for TMJ treatment near you, your dentist will offer you different treatment options depending on the severity of your disorder. Some of these options may include:

  • TMJ splint: these are plastic devices that are worn to prevent you from grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep. Some splints also work to pull your lower jaw forward, which allows your muscles to relax
  • Orthodontics: your dentist may also recommend a long-term solution such as Invisalign or braces to help correct your bite
  • At-Home Treatment: if your symptoms are milder, you can do things at home to help alleviate them, like practicing good posture and chewing your food evenly on both sides of your mouth

Looking for TMJ Treatment Near You?

At Morris Dental Group, we understand how debilitating the symptoms of TMJ can be. Our team offers TMJ treatment in Lively to help increase the comfort and happiness of our patients. Please contact our clinic to learn more today.