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Dental Guards and Appliances in Lively

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Dental Guards and Dental Appliances Near You

At Morris Dental Group, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care. As well as providing services to treat your dental needs, we also offer numerous dental appliances to help protect your teeth from damage. With options to receive night guards, sports guards, and retainers that are custom-fabricated, our team is confident we can provide you with the protection you deserve.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding and clenching at night can cause adverse effects on your oral and overall health. Not only does grinding make your teeth prone to damage, but it also causes unpleasant symptoms such as migraines and jaw pain. Morris Dental Group provides night guards to our patients to help them get a restful night’s sleep.

dental guards and appliances in lively
dental guards and appliances near you

Sports Mouth Guards

Engaging in sports is a great way to burn off excess energy, boost endorphins and maintain physical health. Unfortunately, sports can also be an excellent way to injure or damage your teeth. At Morris Dental Group, we understand the importance of sports in maintaining our patients’ happiness and well-being. We offer sports mouth guards to our patients so that they can protect their teeth while engaging in the activities they love.


After receiving orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, it is vital that you use a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their old positions. At Morris Dental Group, we provide retainers to our patients in order to help them maintain their new, vibrant smiles.

Snoring Devices and Sleep Apnea Devices

Snoring can disrupt your sleep and the sleep of those around you. Without enough sleep, you can feel irritable, have trouble focussing, and feel constantly fatigued. At Morris Dental Group, we offer snoring devices in Lively to help you get the full night’s rest you deserve.

TMD/TMJ Treatment

When you think about your oral health, your first thought is likely about the function and health of your teeth. However, another crucial part of maintaining optimal oral health is the alignment and function of your jaw joints, also known as your temporomandibular joints. A misalignment of these joints is known as TMD/TMJ disorder, which causes pain and discomfort such as headaches and neck pain. At Morris Dental Group, we offer TMJ treatment in Lively to help you alleviate these painful symptoms.